Intellectual Property/ Technologies
Our IP department are full equipped with experienced lawyers and offers a wide range of IP services for our clients and help prosecute manage and enforce IP portfolios for local and international clients in Hong Kong, Greater China and other jurisdictions. Our usual IP services include advising on:
• worldwide management of trade mark, design and patent portfolios
• worldwide trade mark, design and patent licensing, enforcement protection strategies
• prosecution of international trade marks, designs and patents
• intellectual property issues relating to joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
• global licensing, development, manufacturing, distributorship and franchising arrangement
recordal of licenses, assignments, mergers of trade mark, design and patent rights
• trade mark availability search and registrability analysis
• patent and design search
• initiating/defending trade mark opposition
• cancellation actions in Hong Kong, PRC and other regions
• prosecution and enforcement action by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department 
- in relation to copyright and trade mark infringement and trade description offences
• administrative and criminal actions against infringers in PRC for trade mark, copyright, patent        - infringement and unfair competition
• civil actions in PRC for trade mark, copyright, patent infringement and unfair competition
• initiating and defending PRC patent invalidation proceedings
• devising trade mark especially Chinese marks
• domain name registrations
• actions against cybersquatting
• intellectual property issues relating to the internet usage and infringement in the internet arena
In addition to the above, our team also has experience in advising the following regulatory related technologies matters:

• use and development of regulatory technology platform
• use and collection of data for AML regulatory compliance
• regulatory and other legal issues arising from use of cutting-edge technologies
• innovative technology business model compliance analysis 
• marketing, promotion and advertising agreements for online platforms

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